Learning To Fall

This is where Laurie Anderson learned to crawl

Walking and falling

The muses are calling,

“This is your captain

speaking with his voice

We all have a choice:

Sink or swim?

Walk or fall?”

Voices in a frame

spell my name

smell the same

speak the flame into being

The pictures I’m seeing

Are talking and calling

rising and falling

Learning to crawl

Crawling to the starting line

Crawling to the finish line


This is the date

This is the debt

This is the gate where Jesus wept

Take me to Pilate

Take me to Macbeth

I won’t wait for fate to flog me to death


I put all my eggs in one basket,

set my basket on a wall

where it was sure to fall

All the king’s horse

and all the king’s men

with sword and with pen

Struck down the basket

scattered the nest

burned down the rest


Walking and falling

The Tweeling is bawling

I speak and swell

but cannot spell

the broken frame

that knows my name

Things crawl apart

The centre cannot mould

Waiting for the crash

Slouching to The Clash


The distance between us is certain to fall

like time in a bottle, an egg on a wall

But no one comes close to learning it all


My blood is congealing

My brain is concealing

the past from the present

(It’s not very pleasant)

Yet on to The Tweeling

We march

We march


Be still, my soldier

Lie still

Lie still


The Tweeling is coming

I can tell

And nothing could suit this time so well

With infinite feeling

this forthcoming Tweeling

is dragging us all to hell


At least we’re talking

talking and telling

speaking and spelling

bit by bit

putting it all back together


And all will be well

All manner of things will be well

Fear not

Fear not

Published by

Barefoot Voosk

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